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A Day in the Life of a Girls Who Code Student

Note: Schedule may vary.

9:45 AM-10:00 AM

10:00 AM 

10:05 AM 

Come enter Binghamton University, sign in, and have access to the labs that college students in engineering use for projects and programming!

Learn about an inspiring woman who is breaking stereotypes and being her own boss in the STEM world.

It's icebreaker time. Get to know your peers, think collaboratively and build bonds with girls outside your school!

10:20 AM 

Following a short introduction to the topic students will learn for the day, students may split into groups or learn in a class setting. There is a 3:1 student to teacher ratio, so girls may ask teaching instructors for assistance when they are having trouble or want to know more.

11:45 AM 

Stand Ups — A great way to flaunt your creation, get feedback or ask help from other peers. You can tell us about what you learned in today's session, ask us for ideas and tips on a game you're creating or shout out a Girls Who Code fellow who accomplished a great feat.

12:00 PM - onward

You're dismissed for the day! You can practice coding in the meantime if you want to practice, skim the next topic or just have fun. Girls Who Code HQ gives you access once you’re enrolled! You can create your own typing game, chat-box, and more. Come back next week to work with your Girls Who Code squad to brainstorm for a group project.

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