Previous Projects

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Fall 2020


Vibha, Jewelian, Kadejah

Marin, Kayla

Rania, Megan, Ariana


Sofia B.

Getting Quizzie:

Plants & Twilight and Seasons Quiz

Sophia, Carlin, and Lizzie

Spring 2020


Sadie, Tara, Mia, Jenna


Fall 2019


Lizzie, Janiah, & Tara

Sarah, Brianna, & Emma

Carlin, Ashley, & Allie

Jadyn & Mia


Catherine & Sadie

Yueqi & Jenna

Katherine, Melodie, & Emma

Spring 2019


Mia, Maiko, & Sara

Sarah & Brianna

Allie, Carlin, & Sierra

Tara & Sarah

Nova, Helen, & Jadyn

Lizzie, Abby, & Janiah

Time to celebrate! Our Fall 2020 Class is graduating today! In other good news, our Spring 2021 registration form for students is now OPEN.

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