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Fiona Liang

BS Industrial & Systems Engineering '19

MS Industrial & Systems Engineering '20

Fiona is a GWC 2014 Summer Immersion Program Alumni. Initially she wanted to become a lawyer but after participating in the program, she fell in love with engineering. She hopes that bringing this opportunity to young girls and exposing them to coding will spark their interest in STEM just like it did with her.

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Caitlin Hall

BS Industrial & Systems Engineering '19

MS Industrial & Systems Engineering '20

Caitlin  believes that all young women who are passionate about STEM should have a group of supportive women and a healthy environment to explore their interests. After her first engineering class at BU, she realized it was essential to provide this support for girls at a younger age. She hopes that GWC Club can give that to girls across the region. 


Kasey Hill

BS Industrial Engineering '18

MBA '19

Kasey is passionate about inspiring those around her to achieve greatness through continuous learning and growth.  She was inspired by a group of women in her Engineering Sorority to dream big.  Now, she hopes to continue that legacy by encouraging the future of young women to pursue STEM opportunities and discover their full potential.

Spring 2022 E-Board



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Jennifer Seibert

BS Computer Science '23

Jenn has always had a passion for math and science but learned she loved to code when she joined her high school's robotics team. She hopes to inspire and encourage girls to pursue their own passions in the STEM fields. She is also in a sorority for women in STEM and hopes to go into application security research.

Co-VP of Programming


Emily Greene

BS Computer Science and Math '24

Emily first became interested in computer science when she took a class in it during high school. After taking computer science classes in college, her interest and passion have only grown! Emily is excited to help girls to pursue their interests in STEM and to encourage more female representation in computer science. In her free time, she likes to read, work out, listen to music, and spend time with friends.

Co-VP of Programming


Sherine Sawwan

BS Computer Science '23

Sherine is currently a sophomore and is a GWC 2018 Summer Immersion Program Alumni. She strives to make other young women feel the passion and empowerment she felt learning code for the first time. She would like to inspire others to feel confident and courageous, because computer science is awesome.

External Manager


Jessica Derderian

BS Computer Science '23


Jessica is from New Jersey. In her free time she loves to run, watch movies, and read books. She is also a major foodie and loves to try new restaurants. 

Marketing Manager


Pauline Macapinlac

BS Biomedical Engineering '23

Pauline has always been drawn to math and science but learned to love coding during her freshman year at Binghamton University. She hopes to help young girls discover their love for STEM and help them feel confident in their own skills when pursuing their passions in the technical field. In her free time, she likes to read, paint, and discover new music.



Kaitlin Wan

BS Computer Science '23

Kaitlin has been interested in computer science since elementary school when she started playing video games. She is excited to be pursuing her interest through clubs and internships in the tech field. She hopes that girls of all ages feel welcome and are encouraged to pursue STEM! In her free time, she enjoys biking, playing video games, and cooking,

Lead Teaching Instructor
for M.S. Beginner Python


Taylor Bruck

BS Computer Science '24

My name is Taylor Bruck and I am a sophomore studying computer science at Binghamton! I love to play soccer and spend time outside whenever I get the chance. My dream in life is to one day work with NASA, as space and space travel has always fascinated me.

Lead Teaching Instructor

for H.S. Beginner Python


Jessica Swift

BS Computer Science and Math '22

Jessica developed an interest in coding during her freshman year at Binghamton University. She believes a good STEM education is essential to creating a better future and hopes to inspire girls to be confident in their skills. She also enjoys playing the saxophone, staying physically active, and reading.

Lead Teaching Instructor
for Advanced Python


Sophie Saremsky

BS Computer Science and Math '22

Sophie is a senior double majoring in computer science and mathematics. She is currently doing research combining computer science and neuroscience and plans to pursue a career in this field. She is incredibly passionate about both teaching and closing the gender gap in STEM. In her free time, she is an avid reader, plays classical piano, and loves board and video games.

Community Outreach Committee

VP of Outreach


Kiana Williams

BS Computer Science '22

Kiana leaped into computer science at Binghamton University despite not knowing much about the field. We can’t like what we don’t know, and she hopes to provide girls the opportunity to explore undiscovered talents and interests in STEM. Aside from trying new things, she likes cooking, reading, and going on adventures.


Katie Welcher

BS Computer Science ‘23

Katie is from Syracuse New York, loves music, playing volleyball, and being outdoors. Her interest in math and science led her to coding, and she is excited to encourage more girls to feel confident in pursuing their passions and exploring the possibilities the STEM field has to offer.


Kathryn Kalandia

BS Biomedical Engineering ‘23

I'm a junior biomedical engineering major from Queens, NY and I have always been adamant about influencing young women to go into the STEM field. I first became interested in STEM during
my first coding class in middle school where I developed a minecraft website. I hope to impact young women to be just as excited about learning new skills in computer programming as I was. Outside of coding and engineering, I love snowboarding, hiking, and cliff diving!


Kiersten Pierce

BS Computer Science '23

Kiersten always knew she wanted to go into the STEM field but was unsure of which path to take. She hopes to provide young women with the direction and encouragement to pursue STEM careers and find passion in a field as rewarding as Computer Science. In her free time, she enjoys painting and listening to music.

Teaching Instructors


Ami Chauhan

MS Computer Science '24

I am a Graduate Student studying Computer Science, I took a coding class in High School and never knew that I would do so well in it, which motivated me further to get my degree and finally come to the US to achieve my dreams. I want to help other girls around the world follow their passion and know that they can succeed in STEM.


Calia Kugler

BS Computer Science and Math '24

Calia developed an interest in programming in her freshman year of highschool. Ever since then her abilities and passion for it grew.  Having experienced the gender gap first hand, she would love to spark a passion for programming in other females and show them that females can also be great programmers. In her spare time she also enjoys ballroom dancing, swimming, kayaking, biking, traveling, skiing, sledding and reading.

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Laura Cunningham

BS Electrical Engineering '24​


Laura discovered her love for coding in high school where she designed games in her intro coding classes. She hopes to incorporate coding into her electrical engineering career and cannot wait to show GWC girls how fun and satisfying coding can be. In addition to coding, she also loves to run, crochet, and go thrifting!


Leah Draluck

BS Electrical Engineering '24

Leah has had a passion for science for as long as she can remember, but discovered her love for coding once she got to Binghamton. She is excited to help other girls who are excited about STEM to fuel their passions. She wants to inspire them to learn as much as they can and create things that excite them. In her free time, she likes to sing, play guitar and piano, and film and edit videos.

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Maya McDonald

BS Biomedical Engineering '22

Maya has been interested in coding since high school but got her first experience as a freshman at Binghamton and has loved it ever since! She is excited to help give girls the opportunity to learn coding, and hopes to encourage them to pursue their interests in STEM. In her free time, she enjoys being outside, listening to music, and cooking. 


Pheona Angoy

BS Computer Engineering '24​


Pheona was a freshman in the Mathematical Sciences department when she developed an interest in computer programming. This interest morphed into a passion and she is now studying Computer Engineering and enjoying the variety of different skills she is gaining each and every day. She enjoys dancing, singing, coding, and leaving a positive impact on the people she interacts with.


Anita Feng

MS Computer Science '23

My name is Anita Feng and I'm a transfer student at Binghamton university. I am interested in teaching computer science in the future and am passionate about helping girls in this field. I look forward to improving my soft skills, critical thinking skills, and ability to handle pressure well. In my free time, I often watch cat videos.


Isabella Frederickson

BS Biomedical Engineering '24

I first got introduced to coding in my freshman year engineering class and absolutely fell in love with it. Sitting there, I wished that I had gotten the ability to do some coding in high school. I remember how scary it was for me to get started so I’m super passionate about getting more women involved in coding and STEM, especially at such a young age. I love piano, yoga, painting, and crocheting!


Jenny Chen

BS Computer Science '24

I was once a digital arts major and my interest in math led me to the stem field. Through coding I have improved my communication/ teamwork skills and the sense of accomplishment when you finish your code is memorable. In my spare time I enjoy baking, and listening to music.


Sharika Ahsan

BS Computer Science '24​


Sharika has always enjoyed math and science and grew an interest in coding during her freshman year at Binghamton University. She hopes to help young women pursue their passions in computer science and is eager to encourage women to join the STEM field. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies and listening to music.

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Yisel Flores

BS Computer Science '25

I am a freshman computer science student at Binghamton University! I took my first coding class in HS and loved how coding was like a coloring book but with words and numbers. My creativity flies when am building and computer science is perfect for that. I hope to also influence and be a mentor to girls who are often underrepresented in this field. Aside from this, I am a big foodie and love gaming!


Erin Zhao

BS Computer Science '25​


Laura discovered her love for coding in high school where she designed games in her intro coding classes. She hopes to incorporate coding into her electrical engineering career and cannot wait to show GWC girls how fun and satisfying coding can be. In addition to coding, she also loves to run, crochet, and go thrifting!

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Jolin Lin

BS Computer Engineering '24​


My name is Jolin and I am from Queens, NY. I developed an interest in STEM during high school where I was a part of the engineering program for 4 years. However, it wasn't until freshman year of college that I learned my first coding language and became a computer engineering major. I hope to introduce young girls to the exciting world of programming and the wide range of possibilities it offers.

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Juwairiyah Shaikh

BS Computer Science and Math '22

Juwairiyah became interested in computer science after taking some engineering and coding classes in high school. As the only girl in her engineering classes, she remembers a teacher once cheering her on for being a woman in STEM amongst all the boys. Since then, she’s been passionate about bridging the gender gap and hopes to encourage and show young women that they belong in STEM. In her free time, she likes reading, baking, and painting.


Manjot Kaur

BS Computer Science '25​


 Manjot first became interested in computer science after joining a coding program much like Girls Who Code! Since then, she was inspired to major in computer science and help more girls discover a passion for coding. Manjot hopes to become a machine learning engineer but outside of school she likes to weightlift, read, and draw. 


Professional Staff


Meghan Crist

Meghan Christ '10 is a member of the Watson Advising Team and previous Electrical Engineer at BAE Systems in Endicott, NY. Meghan is  passionate about STEM and eager to share her industry insight with students.


Koen Gieskes

Professor Koen Gieskes '09 is the engineering lab coordinator for the EDD 111/112 courses.  Mr. Gieskes received both his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Binghamton University. He is excited to join the GWC team as a member of the professional staff.


Hiroki Sayama

Professor Hiroki Sayama is a professor and researcher specializing in systems science and engineering , network science, simulation, etc.  

A special thank you to Maureen Van Deusen, Liz Kradjian, Rachel Flores, and various administration on Binghamton campus for their guidance and support. This chapter would not be possible without you.


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