Your Latest Announcements

November 20

Our Fall 2021 classes have graduated! The Spring 2022 Applications are now open!

September 11

Our Fall 2021 classes have begun! We're glad to be back in person!

August 31

Student applications for Fall 2021 have closed.

August 13

Teaching Instructor Applications for Fall 2021 have closed.

July 23

Teaching Instructor Applications have opened for Binghamton University students. Applicants can head to the 'Apply' tab!

May 1

Congratulations to the graduates of Spring 2021! Thank you for everyone's continuous support. In other news, our Fall 2021 registration form is now open! Interested in joining? Head to the 'About Us' tab. Ready to attend our free classes? Sign up at the 'Apply' tab!

Our Fall 2022 Registration is now LIVE! Classes will now start 9/10!