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Get excited! Girls Who Code at Binghamton University is expanding our outreach and enhancing our flexibility with more opportunities for students. 

Our pilot program launches in Spring 2020. This is a biweekly after-school program that teaches beginner computer science concepts to young women. We’ll be alternating between two high schools: Binghamton High School and Whitney Point. Our teaching instructors will be coming in to guide our students for five sessions.

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The Mission

We are offering a means to tap into the world of programming, teach scripting languages in students’ classrooms and will be providing laptops with preloaded software and curriculum. 

Curious? Students will be learning about Python, Java and JavaScript and be able to get hands on with Arduinos, build an app and practice website design. This is a free program and spots are limited, so make sure to sign up before seats are taken! We are excited to branch out, become mentors and close the gap in STEM. 


Whitney Point


February 12

 February 26

 March 11

 March 25

 April 22


3-4 PM

Binghamton High School

February 19

 March 4

March 18

 April 15

April 29

3-4 PM


+ Prior experience is not required! Any level is welcome to join.

+ Must be female in Binghamton High School or Whitney Point 

+ Be available on specified days above, 3-4 PM. 

Why We're Reaching Out

Whitney Point

Binghamton High School

Untitled-Artwork (8).png
Untitled-Artwork (8).png

Students enrolled in advanced math

Untitled-Artwork (8).png
Untitled-Artwork (8).png

Students who get free or reduced lunch

Untitled-Artwork (8).png
Untitled-Artwork (8).png

Graduation rate

Comparing Our Two Programs

Pilot Program

Saturday Sessions

Introduces students to diverse computer skills to broaden their scope of knowledge

Take place in Binghamton High School and Whitney Point


Lessons are not cumulative, but are a series of sessions that build base skills for computer science 

5 weeks, 1 hour sessions

Individual laptops provided with software downloaded to provide a seamless experience

Builds upon one language to strengthen students’ coding skills


Classes in engineering design division computer labs on Binghamton University campus

Cumulative lessons in beginner Java and Python

Students work on a community impact project in groups

10 weeks, 2 hour sessions

Computers provided at the engineering design lab

Taught by Binghamton University students
Access to college mentors in engineering 

This pilot program has been brought to you by IBM & John Robbins. Thank you!

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